The Plague of the Zombies (1966)

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Movie Posters by Jay Shaw aka Iron Jaiden 

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EDGE Magazine #70, April 1999 - Review of Silent Hill, garnering an 8 out of 10.

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Also this Emma Rios variant for Shutter was a must get.

Hadn’t planned on shopping but couldn’t say no to this.

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Fuck the king

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The Libations


New short story drops, and the latest entry in The Last Olympiad.

Her heels danced staccato on the pavement, but their expensive soles did not touch the concrete for long. The door was low, constructed in such a way to be unremarkable, ignored unless you were looking for it.


She had to lower her head to pass through.


Beyond, the hallway widened into something more formidable, but still nothing like the entrances she was used to. A marble floor, three, four, five steps downwards and a man in a leather bomber jacket offering his most enchanting of smiles.


His hair was coiffed, feathers and layers swept backwards from his face with too much product: a shadow of stubble curled around his lower face, so fine and tight that it seemed pencilled on.


“Good evening, madam.”


He smiled at her, but made no effort to open the doorway he was paid to protect, great slabs of frosted glass covered with bronzed bars. The door handle was ornate and carved from the same metal, two goddesses in flowing robes, holding cups aloft as if in salute.


It would be a shame to open the door and separate them.

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When the dead walk, señores, we must stop the killing… or lose the war.

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Fresh haircut. All hope lies in Doom.

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Wally Wood, 1951

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